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Not all of our projects neatly fit into one (or more) of the categories below, but we’ve organized our offerings into the following four areas to help our clients better understand the many areas that we can support.

PMO: Hire us to manage key Project Management Office functions with a structured, common-sense approach.

  • We directed program management for a new financial services product pilot, and developed the strategy for the overall rollout.
  • We managed critical workstreams in the design, development, and execution of a unique and unprecedented online marketing campaign for a large financial services corporation.

Process / Reengineering: Bring us in to help you link project objectives to appropriate processes and systems to enable consistent results.

  • We guided change management activities for the enterprise-wide re-branding of a national health insurance company.
  • We developed processes and templates to help a specialty retailer deliver better results from their website reporting, support, and development activities.

User Experience: Leverage our experience design expertise to improve the overall end-to-end customer experience across channels.

  • We created the user experience design and content update models for a large healthcare provider’s digital brand portal.
  • We conducted a customer segmentation study of the customer base for an online B2B procurement marketplace.

Ideation: Utilize us for structured brainstorming sessions, where we encourage the appropriate divergent and convergent thinking to generate new solutions.

  • We helped a large financial services client identify new ways of leveraging its interactive capabilities to promote an innovative social media campaign.
  • We provided strategic support and analysis for the development of a new consumer positioning strategy for a large credit card company.